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Founded in 1985, Baltimore Municipal Golf Corporation (BMGC) began with a $500,000 loan from the City of Baltimore, four well-defined goals and an untested format for managing municipal golf courses. The new management concept had countless skeptics and detractors. They were quickly silenced as BMGC transformed Baltimore's deteriorating facilities into top quality golf courses, funding over $9 million in capital improvements to its Classic Five golf courses: Mount Pleasant, Pine Ridge, Clifton Park, Forest Park and Carroll Park.  

Since its founding, BMGC has become a model for municipal golf organizations throughout the United States. The success of the courses along with its straightforward management style would become known throughout the country as the “Baltimore Model.”

Major industry publications such as Golf Digest and Golf World have featured stories about BMGC and its progressive management style. The National Golf Foundation labeled the new management approach "creative", while the United States Golf Journal called it "instructive." And of course, there are the numerous national regional and local awards for everything from BMGC’s programs for the physically challenged to its environmental efforts.

From an organization that started with nothing more than dreams and hard work, BMGC's sound business principles made it possible for the company to:
Invest over $7.5 million in capital improvements
Donate over $8 million to Baltimore City youth programs
Create a junior golf program that hosts over 500 participants every year
Improve course conditions with higher maintenance standards
Provide its golfers with playing accessories normally found at exclusive resorts

All of this, while maintaining one of the most competitive fee structures in the United States. From a simple idea to a national model... BMGC is proof that dreams really can come true.


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